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Image Credit – Kanchana Thipmontian/123rf.com

Canberrans appear to love a quick buck, with the ACT Container Deposit scheme proving popular!

More than 1.5 million containers have been recycled since the scheme kicked off in June this year.

“We’re expecting that level of demand and it’s great to see the community get behind this, including many charities out there fundraising like Vinnies and the Salvos,” City Services Minister, Chris Steel, said.

The scheme encourages locals to recycle and reduce litter by returning eligible, empty drink containers to return points where they get a 10 cent refund for each item.

Locals can choose to keep their refund or donate it to charity.

Not only are there the obvious environmental benefits, it’s also helping another key part of our community.

The government’s linked up with LEAD - a Canberra organisation that works with local businesses and government to provide employment opportunities to people with a disability.

“Under the container deposit scheme, they’re now employing 15 people with a disability at the depot sites in Fyshwick and Mitchell,” Minister Steel said.

“In a range of diverse roles, unlike the NSW Container Deposit Scheme, the ACT scheme has a people to people collection point, making it more accessible and friendlier to return containers.”

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