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Crowded House predicted the President result 20 years ago

by Georgia Duck

Forget The Simpsons and mystics, the New Zealand band Crowded House predicted the result of the 2016 American Presidential election back in 1986. 

My first example of evidence for the jury is none other than the lyrics of their 1986 piece of lyrical magic, ‘Don’t dream it’s over’. Read and be convinced:

“Hey now, hey now 

Don't dream it's over 

Hey now, hey now 

When the world comes in 

They come, they come 

To build a wall between us 

We know they won't win”

The mention of THE WALL. The election is over, Former President Obama’s term is over, some are convinced America as it was progressing is over. 

Secondly and lastly (because do we really need anymore more proof than that), can we honestly believe it is no coincidence they are coming together for their last ever concert THIS MONTH, when they officially called it quits 20 years ago, back in 1996. 20 years and they choose November 2016.  

It’s all there, people! Crowded House knew what was up 30 years ago, we should have listened. 

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