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Image Credit - @groovinthemoofestival/Facebook

It’s certainly a topic that’s divided opinion and continues to do so, with talks already underway on when the next pill testing trial will take place.

Organisers of Australia’s first pill testing trial at Groovin The Moo have labelled it a success.

85 samples were tested at the Canberra event, with two potentially lethal ingredients identified – Polish toothpaste and paint.

One of the men behind the trial, Professor David Caldicott, is confident we’ll see more trials.

“Not if, there will be a when, so this will go again, and the second thing is if I have anything to do with it, I shall personally purchase a neon sign to put up there.”

The ACT’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly, said they’ll now wait for a full evaluation of the trial, before going ahead with another one.

“But certainly this is an Australian first trial so those lessons learned will be really valuable for what the ACT does next and I really hope other jurisdictions around Australia.”

There’s still plenty of opposition to pill testing trials, though.

The Canberra Liberals maintain that it sends the wrong message.

“What this has done is send a very bad message to people thinking about whether they should use drugs or not, that drug use is safe, when it is anything but,” Shadow Attorney General, Jeremy Hanson, said.

“The clear message had to be not to take these tablets and the message that’s being sent by the ACT Government is essential that it’s safe and legal to do so. It’s completely the wrong message.”

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like our neighbours will follow the ACT’s lead on a pill testing trial anytime soon.

Neither the NSW Government nor the Opposition support pill-testing across the border.

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