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Image Credit – Roksana Bashyrova/123rf.com

Social media’s been inundated with posts and comments urging shoppers to keep buying strawberries, despite the needle contamination crisis.

There have been 13 cases of needles found in fruit in the past fortnight.

While there’s been no reported cases in Canberra, a bunch of stock did have to be removed from shelves at local supermarkets.

Posts about the crisis on the Canberra Notice Board Group Facebook page have attracted loads of comments, including this one…


“I totally agree. They’re already doing it so tough, not buying strawberries will completely devastate their businesses. We can’t let the sickos doing the pins win.” – Lisa

“It’s all about cut them up not cut them out.” – Lindsay

“I really hope the shops who are pulling these fruits off the shelves, are compensating the farmers.” – Janette

“We are still buying strawberries and just cutting them up first – simple.” - Leah

And after what seems to be a mass exodus of strawberries around the country, there are still plenty of stores around the capital stocking them.

Check the post’s comments for WHERE to get your sweet fix!

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has announced a one-million-dollar funding boost to help our struggling fruit farmers.

Regional Services Minister Bridget McKenzie said the cash will be invested into the fresh fruit industry amid the contamination crisis.

“To assist with increasing our confidence in the food safety system, to fast track recalls when they’re requested from state and territory governments, and also to increase detection.”

Will you keep buying strawberries? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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