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Image Credit – schmidt13/123rf.com

Another driver’s been busted for having a few too many before getting behind the wheel.

A 53-year-old p-plater will face court for high range drink driving after he was dobbed in by members of the public over the weekend.

It’s after police received several calls on Saturday night about a car swerving into oncoming traffic on Kuringa Drive in Spence.

The car had crashed into another vehicle causing minor damage, then took off.

Police eventually found the car at a home in Melba where the 53-year-old driver refused to take a breath test.

He was taken to the City Police Station where he blew point 0.269.

The legal limit for a p-plater is 0.00.


Image Credit – zerbor/123rf.com

The man lost his licence on the spot and will face court next month charged with high range drink driving, and using an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Acting Station Sergeant Paul Hutcheson said the outcome could’ve been much worse, even deadly.

“Thank you to those members of the public who called police, this vital information assisted police in removing this reckless driver from our roads.”

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