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Image Credit – shsphotography/123rf.com

The Easter weekend is done – which often means sore tummies from too much chocolate and just that general bleh feeling after a big weekend of indulging!

The chocolate hangover. Many of us have been stung before, yet we never seem to learn our lesson!

If you’re unsure if you have one, the ample amount of Easter egg wrappers scattered around the house, a bloated tummy and the extra water consumption because of the excess sugar, is a pretty good giveaway!


Image Credit – Tijana Prodanov/123rf.com

So, how does one get over a chocolate hangover?

Lay off the sweets. Have some more nutritious food and snacks to help rebalance your blood sugar.

Sleep. Get plenty of it to ensure you can start the next day afresh with healthier habits!

Go for a walk. A bit of exercise is good for your body and your mind as well! You’ll feel better about yourself after doing something active.

If you have any leftover Easter eggs, try to have them in moderation. It’s tough to resist temptation, but just have a little here and there instead of over-indulging.

Or, if you’re really brave, why not give some to your neighbours or work colleagues? They’ll think you’re being super friendly, when in fact, you’re just wanting to remove the temptation!


Image Credit – Comaniciu Dan/123rf.com

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