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Image Credits – Ben Appleton

“It actually feels really different, there’s a certain peace about it, I love it.”

They’re the words of overjoyed newlywed Kara Bromley, who finally got to marry the love of her life Sally, over the weekend.

It was Canberra’s first same-sex wedding since laws changed, making it legal.

Kara and Sally were joined by about 100 of their friends and family on the lawns at the Carillon, to celebrate their big day. 


It was a follow-up to their commitment ceremony held in May last year. 

Kristen and Wilko caught up with the ecstatic bride this morning..

Local celebrant Alice Roughley officiated Canberra’s other same-sex wedding over the weekend – a simple and heartfelt affair in Greg and Joe’s garden.

“It was actually their third marriage. The other two weren’t legal marriages. So to finally be able to have a legal marriage was really something of a celebration. It was low-key and it was delightful,” she said.

“They’re a couple that’ve been together for many years and finally they can introduce each other as this is my husband which they haven’t been able to do before.”

Alice is happy the wording of the law has now changed.

“It really is good now that everyone is equal under the law and everybody can marry. For me as a celebrant it’s great not to have to say those exclusionary words.”

Same-sex marriage advocate Ivan Hinton-Teoh from Just Equal, who also attended Greg and Joe’s wedding, said it was incredible.

“I had to pinch myself that I was seeing it happening right in front of my eyes,” he said.

“It’s been a long road. It’s taken so long for us to get to this point. There was clearly celebration and joy that finally, as a society and as a community, we’ve finally arrived.”

Ivan reckons the two weddings will be the first in a long line of celebrations in Canberra this year.


“I was speaking to the celebrant and she was saying to me that she’s very busy with LGBTI couples in Canberra, organising their weddings over the coming months,” he said.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of weddings over the next few months and perhaps for the entire year for LGBTI couples, finally having their relationships recognised formally.”

A big congratulations to the happy couples!

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