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Image Credit – Lori’s Locks for Annabelle/Facebook

It’s something little girls treasure the most – their lovely locks.

It makes them feel like the beautiful Disney princesses they watch in the movies.

So to part with them, is indeed, no small feat.

It’s something four-year-old Lori-Jayde is willing and wanting to do, to raise money for her friend, Annabelle Potts.

It took Lori a long time to grow her beautiful hair, in fact, she had just enough for a tiny ponytail when she was two!

Since then, her goal has been to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel’s.

She’s going pretty well – it’s now reached the bottom of her back! And she loves it.

But since learning about how some people cut their hair to raise money for sick people, she’s decided to part with her beloved locks, and do just that.

On April 28 at 11am, Lori will get her hair cut up to her shoulders by Julie Okely at Blush in Gold Creek.

It’s to raise money for Annabelle Potts, who’s still getting treatment in Mexico for DIPG (an inoperable brain tumour).

All money is being donated directly to Annabelle’s family, with a goal of raising $5000.

Lori’s mum Carman proudly said it was all Lori’s idea!

“She is so excited that she has been telling everyone she sees about how to donate money,” she said.

“She has a huge heart and we are so proud of her for wanting to do this.”

Annabelle’s mum Kathie said it means a lot to their family.

“It not only helps us to pay for Annabelle’s treatment, but knowing there are such beautiful people out there, helps emotionally,” she said.

“Lori is such a beautiful, kind hearted little girl and we are so touched that Annabelle’s story is impacting on people of all ages.”

So, how is Annabelle doing?

The family had some great news recently, when they were told that Annabelle is NED (no evidence of disease).

So while the tumour is dead, Annabelle isn’t out of the woods just yet.

“Currently the tumour is still there and visible on an MRI, but there is no cancer activity,” Kathie said.

“We need to continue with treatment as all it takes is one little cell to grow back and we are in trouble again.”

Annabelle’s treatments have been stretched to every 10-12 weeks, instead of every six weeks.

While at home between treatments, Annabelle’s been busy in her new role as big sister to the family’s newest addition – little Juliette Lily Potts.

Traveling to Mexico is still a hugely expensive task – with the family needing to fork out tens of thousands of dollars each time for the treatment, accommodation, flights, etc.

You can help by donating to the GoFundMe page, via PayPal, or on the Lori’s Locks for Annabelle page.

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