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Bikie violence is back in the spotlight as both the ACT Government and Canberra Liberals raise anti-gang legislation this week.

The Opposition is calling on the Government to back its legislation, claiming it’s tougher than what’s on offer.

Shadow Attorney-General Jeremy Hanson said police want anti-consorting laws.

“The Chief Police Officer would go to the Supreme Court and ask that an organisation, a bikie gang perhaps, gets prescribed, and the members of that organisation are not able to get together at all.”

Labor abandoned anti-consorting laws last year because it couldn’t balance what police wanted while respecting human rights.

The new Government legislation would give police more power to investigate crimes, as well as provide a maximum 10-year sentence for shooting into homes, buildings or cars.

“The Government has looked at was has and hasn’t worked in dealing with motorcycle gangs. What we will be doing is introducing legislation to ensure police have the tools they need to protect the community from organised criminals,” Attorney General, Gordon Ramsay, said.

It follows a series of bikie-related incidents in the capital this year, with shots fired into homes, some of which had children inside.

 “Enough is enough. I am sick of the ACT being a safe haven for these gangs because we do not have the legislation almost every other state in the country now has,” Mr Hanson said.

The Government introduced its legislation today, with the Liberals tabling their bill tomorrow.

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