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Image Credits - @kingomalleys/Facebook

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, beards in all their forms were celebrated in Civic on Sunday.

Around 200 bearded men flocked to King O’Malley’s for Australian Beard Day – where they competed for some pretty coveted titles!

Matt Leonard took out Canberra’s Best Beard for his uniquely styled creation.

Matt’s a member of the local CanBeards – Canberra’s beard and moustache club.

“He’d styled his moustache and beard into a very unusual shape. A lot of work went into it. There were curly bits and points bits,” King O’Malley’s Managing Director, Peter Barclay, said.


Matt’s wasn’t the only impressive beard..

“We saw very long beards, very full bears, very healthy beards, some creative goatees, but overall it was a mixed bag, a very high standard,” Peter said.

“Everyone there with a beard felt right at home so to speak. They were supported by their wives and girlfriends, children, family, friends, brothers and sisters. It was a really fantastic community event.”


The event raises money for White Ribbon Australia.

“Over a thousand dollars has been raised. Most of the money came in gold coin donations and we’re still tallying them up. Ongoing is the Grow a Winter Beard Campaign and people can still go online and donate to that,” Peter said.

You can donate here.


It looks like the beard phenomenon isn’t going to pass any time soon..

CanBeards is preparing a submission to hold the International World and Beard Championship in Canberra in 2021!

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