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Image Credit – Cathy Yeulet/123rf.com

It’s that time of year again when little witches and ghosts start hitting the streets to trick or treat and scoff as many lollies as possible.

Halloween hasn’t always been a big deal in Australia, but nevertheless, it’s a holiday that a lot of Canberrans embrace.

But the whole trick or treating thing does raise some questions…

What is appropriate Halloween etiquette these days?


Image Credit - Sean Locke/123rf.com

Households in some streets are known for posting signs on their gates or orange balloons on their letterboxes to show kids it’s okay to knock on their door.

While, others deck out their houses in cobwebs, carved pumpkins and other creepy get-up as a way of letting kids know they’re welcome.

Should kids approach houses that don’t have these indicators?

Also, is it okay to give fruit or healthy snacks as treats?

And what kind of lollies should one offer? Do they need to be wrapped?

I gave kids zooper doopers one time because that’s the only treat I had. Needless to say, I’m more prepared this year!

What is appropriate Halloween etiquette? Are there rules? If so, what are they? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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