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Image Credit - Thredbo/facebook.com

If you questioned whether it was actually still summer this morning, you weren’t the only one!

It was particularly chilly in the capital, with the temperature dropping to just five degrees in some parts.

Our ski resorts even had a dusting of snow overnight!


Image Credit – Perisher/facebook.com

Senior Meteorologist from Weatherzone, Jacob Cronyer, said it’s because of an extensive low pressure system that’s transporting arctic air across the south-east.

“This cold air together with this extensive low pressure system and a very low freezing level has led to some snowfalls,” he said.

At our ski fields, the temperature dropped to below freezing at the highest peaks and near zero degrees at places like Thredbo and parts of the Snowy Mountains.


Image Credit – Thredbo/facebook.com

This unexpected cold snap led many to question, is this normal for this time of year? Especially when we’ve had such hot days?

“Snowfalls do start to occur as the summer season wraps up. It’s not completely uncommon but considering what we’ve had in recent years, it does seem quite out of place,” Mr Cronyer said.


Image Credit – Perisher/facebook.com

You’ll still need your doona for the next couple of nights, with temps to drop back down to around five degrees.

It should start feeling more like summer again from Wednesday, as temps climb back into the thirties during the day and the early teens at night. 

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