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Image Credit – H&M/Facebook

Hundreds of people queued up outside the new H&M store in Civic this morning for the long-awaited grand opening!

With credit cards in tow, the long line of keen shoppers snaked around the Canberra Centre before the doors opened at 10am, with the first 250 scoring themselves a special gift pack.

“We have been working on bringing H&M to the Canberra Centre for a while now, so we’re really excited to open this international retailer, there’s a great vibe, lots of crowds, everyone’s very excited,” Kelly McGufficke from the Canberra Centre said.

“There’s great specials throughout the day and they’re open till 8pm tonight.”

Despite all the chaos this morning, Kelly doesn’t expect things to slow down.

“We’re expecting the hype to continue throughout the day and over the weekend. There’s a lot of people who want to come down to the centre to see this new international retailer.”

Chloe Mazari, who was in line from about 7:30am, saw the queue grow from about 50 to around 700 people!

It’s not surprising – given 968 people said they were going to the opening on the Facebook page, and nearly 5,000 said they were interested.

Chloe said there’s nothing else like H&M in Canberra!

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