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How Much Snow Hit Canberra Suburbs This Morning?

By Georgia Duck 

Man from Snowy Canberra 

We usually get snow in Jindabyne or Perisher, but snow in the suburbs is a bit fresher.

Here are some pics from around the place, where snow has left a trace.

1. Out in the mud working, you have our admiration, meanwhile you tuned into your favourite station.


2. These cars were once black and red; maybe they’d be warmer parked in the shed.undefined

3. First name...


4. Last name..


It’s like Canberra is a set for the Game of Thrones show. 

5. Age may have affected Rose; but Jack Dawson still looks awesome. 


6. Nothing better than an early morning jump; if you fly off you’ll land in a nice snow clump. 


7.  In this weather you need extra eyes on the road; this is not a day you want to get towed.


8. Look at all that snow on rooftops and hills; just don’t think of all the heating bills.


9. This little guy thinks this is a dupe; he will not go out there to…..snoop 


10. The T-Rex wasn’t a fan of the ice age; they don’t need more, although it’s still a better option than a meteor.


As for snow, the forecast says that’s about it; which is good because we did not want to learn to knit.

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