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Image Credit – kho/123rf.com

It seems much of life these days is all about the hashtags, followers, tweets and likes.

Almost nine in 10 Aussies now have a social media profile and 60% use the internet more than five times a day.

That’s according to the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report, which surveyed 1,516 Australian consumers online.

In other interesting national stats, 36% feel they spend too much time on social media and just over a third believe productivity, concentration and sleep suffer as a result.

On the flip side, 54% reckon social media is beneficial in how it connects them to other people and 45% believe it has a positive impact.


Image Credit – scyther5/123rf.com

But what about here in the nation’s capital?

63% of people in the ACT use the internet five or more times a day and most hop online at night (61%).

Canberrans are the greatest tweeters, with 25% using Twitter – the highest percentage in the country.

They tweet around 35 times a week!

The ACT also has the most LinkedIn users at 28%, compared to 22% nationally.

Canberrans also have the most friends, contacts or followers on Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Snapchat.

The territory’s also come out on top when it comes to using social media to support topical issues, at 49%.

You’ll also see plenty of locals with wearable devices like Apple Watches and Fit-Bits at nearly one in three, compared to one in five nationally.

Many of us will surely relate to this – more than one in five ACT residents worry most about their social media footprint one day returning to haunt them.

Do we spend too much time on social media? Are there more pros than cons, or vice versa? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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