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It's set to be a scorcher in Canberra on Friday and Saturday, with temps to hit 40 degrees or just above!

So rather than sweat through the next few days, we've compiled a list of 5 ways to keep cool!

5 - Clam/blow up pools

Check your back shed or raid your neighbour’s house for a blow up pool or one of those clam shells you can fill with water! An easy way to cool off and keep the kids occupied! Throw some toys in there, chuck the hose in, done! OR, head to Kmart or a similar store and invest in a blow up pool – they come pretty cheap these days!


Image Credit – smikeymikey1/123rf.com

4 - Watch a movie

While it's great to be outside soaking up the sun, sometimes you need a break! What better way than to go inside, close the curtains, turn the air con on, crack open some zooper doopers, and put on a good film. Or head to an air conditioned cinema! There’s lots of great movies out at the moment, including Fifty Shades Darker which came out this week! For something more kid-friendly, check out Sing, Ballerina or Moana – all top notch films.


Image Credit – Oles Ishchuk/123rf.com

3 - Slip 'n Slide

This is a fun and easy family activity that never gets old! Get out some plastic mats, turn the hose on, squirt some detergent on the mats, and you're set! While this activity is more for the kids, you'll find the adults getting in on the action too. An Aussie summer classic. Be sure to lather yourself in plenty of sunscreen though!


Image Credit – Robert Hainer/123rf.com

2 - Board games

Similar to suggestion 4, this one is ideal for when you need a bit of a break from that scorching sun. Head inside, turn the air con on, and pull out the board games! Nothing beats a game of Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga, Cluedo, Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary or Twister! A great way to stay cool and enjoy quality time with friends or family.


Image Credit – Ruslan Huzau/123rf.com

1 - Rivers & other swimming holes 

Canberra’s got an abundance of choices when it comes to pools and other swimming holes. Big Splash Water Park is always a hit with kids big and small! Other swimming holes include Cotter Bend, Casuarina Sands, Kambah Pools, Pine Island and Uriarra Crossing, to name a few! Don’t forget to slip slop slap!


Image Credit – pixabay.com


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