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Image Credit – @Thredbo.Resort/Facebook

It’s already day five of Spring, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it in Canberra!

And for those fed up with the cold, there’s no relief in sight just yet.

According to Weatherzone, the chilly conditions are expected to stick around all week, with temps only getting up to 12 degrees over the next few days.

And we could even get some more of the white stuff!

“We’re going to see further cold and windy conditions through till the weekend as further cold fronts push across the region,” Weatherzone meteorologist Graeme Brittain said.

“Snow today down to 600 metres could see a few flurries around the suburbs of Canberra and the high grounds.”

Check out this video by Simon Demajo of heavy snow in the Brindabellas overnight..

Our ski fields have also copped a huge amount of snow..

“We’re going to see a further 20-40 cm of snow today, probably another 10-20 over the next couple of days as well,” Graeme said.

“This is probably the snowiest week of the year for the Snowy Mountains. We could see snow depths in Thredbo and Perisher reaching 2.5 metres by the end of this week.”

But as it turns out, these wintery conditions are normal for this time of year..

“Spring is kind of the transition season, we see colder air from the southern ocean interacting with warmer air across the continent and this produces these kind of variations in temperature that we’ve experienced,” Graeme said.

Are you fed up with the icy weather? Or are you lapping up the snow while it lasts? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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