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Image Credit – kjuuurs/123rf.com

Animal activists have vowed to do what they can to stop the annual kangaroo cull, which is officially underway.

The cull of more than 2600 Eastern Greys has been expanded to cover 12 reserves this year, including the Googong Foreshores in nearby NSW.

Animal Liberation ACT spokesperson Carolyn Drew said protests are being organised to stop the cruelty.

While, others will head out to the reserves at night to interfere.

“Our job now is to go out every night in teams and listen, enter the reserves, observe and start collecting information and analysing what we have found,” Ms Drew said.

ACT Director of Parks and Conservation Daniel Iglesias said the cull is necessary to “protect biodiversity and maintain populations at appropriate levels to minimise impacts on other flora and fauna in critical grassland and woodland sites.”

But activists have refuted those claims, describing the practice as “immoral and unethical.”

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