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Anyone with Instagram or Facebook would’ve no doubt seen pictures of dogs frolicking in the snow pop up in their feeds over the last few days.

That’s because Corin Forest hosted their Snow Dogs Day Out weekend – attracting around 400 people and their four-legged friends!

“We’re looking at about the same numbers this weekend so plenty of space to come out and enjoy jumping around and all sorts of snow activities and snow sports with the dogs,” Andrew from Corin Forest said.

“People love coming out with their dogs and the snow’s a different experience - just seeing the faces on people and dogs sliding down the hill and running around. We had some really interesting snow dog snow men being made which was a lot of fun.”

Nat and Dat were among the visitors who lapped up the Spring sunshine and snow with their pooch, Manny.

Nat said Manny loved his first time at the snow!

“I thought he would be cautious of the cold wet texture but he ran straight onto the snow. He kept trying to eat it which was pretty cute. There were lots of new smells for him to explore,” she said.

“Everyone was sitting their doggos on their lap and sliding down the hill. Most of the dogs, including Manny, seemed to enjoy it. He slept really well that night!”

All the action kicks off again this weekend, but you will need to book!

It’s the final weekend too – so make sure you reserve your spot online today!

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