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Image Credits - @rockyourformal/Facebook

Formal season is fast approaching. That usually involves months of built up excitement, planning and shopping!

I loved my school formals. I was fortunate enough to be able to wear pretty dresses and go in fancy cars with my friends.

But not everyone is so lucky.

There are many Canberrans out there who’s families are struggling and can’t afford to send their kids to their formals.

But a group of women are doing something about it!

The ‘FROX and SOX’ project, formerly known as “A Gown for Your Princess,” was set up a few years ago, but it’s been ramped up in recent months.

Six local women collect donations of formal gear and services, to help struggling families in the ACT and surrounds send their kids to their high school formals at little or no cost.


They recently secured two rooms at Melba Copland College to house all the attire and accessories.

The rooms will also be used to fit students out in the gear, come formal time.

Over the years, they’ve styled over 15 students, and they hope to reach out to even more families.

“We want to give this opportunity to as many children as we can so they can celebrate their schooling achievements,” one of the organisers, Yvette Rydman, said.

“We are always ready to accept donations of any kind from formal menswear, formal womenswear, shelving, jewellery, offers of services, etc.”

Currently, they're in need of more menswear though!


So, how do you get involved?

If you’d like to donate, visit the groups’ Facebook page and shoot them a message.

Those wanting to be considered for the project can go through their school.

FROX and SOX organisers are speaking to public school year coordinators, to find out who needs the help most.

Yvette said the community response has been phenomenal.


“The Canberra community is really supportive and comes together in times of need,” she said.

“At the end of the day, we are just every day women who are trying to make a difference and do our part for the community.”


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