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Image Credits – servicedogforlachy/GoFundMe

Most 15-year-olds these days just want to play sport, get muddy and run around with their mates.

But Lachy Kelly can’t do that.

The Canberra teen was born with an unnamed severe congenital heart defect – and is the only kid in the world with the particular condition.

It means Lachy has very poor cardiac output and suffers from poor oxygen saturation levels.

He was only 3 weeks old when he had his first major heart surgery and has had multiple surgeries since.


While Lachy’s future looks bright, he does need help.

Lachy’s Menslink mentor Josh Turk started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help raise money for a medical alert service dog.

“The dog can sense when he goes into a state of stress before any electronic system on the market can today. If he’s unconscious the dog can alert family members or anyone around them to help him out,” Josh said.

“He’s got a good life ahead of him, we’re just trying to make it as best as we can and give him some independence with a dog and put him in a position where he can save his own life if he needs to.”

Josh hopes to raise $8000 which would cover getting the dog, training and insurance.

So far, locals have helped raise just over $6100.

 “It’s surprising to see people who don’t know Lachy putting their hard-earned cash into the fundraiser to support him, it’s been overwhelming,” Josh said.

“I really didn’t expect to get this sort of traction on it.”

You can help too by donating at the GoFundMe page.

Let’s help build a brighter future for Lachy!

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