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Image Credit – Daniel Jedzura/123rf.com

Police have urged locals to take car security seriously after a string of car thefts around the capital.

Two men have been arrested after three cars were stolen from homes in Weston and Crace between April 3 and April 7.

One of the men will face a whopping 20 charges including three counts of taking a motor vehicle without consent, six charges of driving having never held a licence and other property and traffic offences.

The other will face charges of taking a motor vehicle without consent and riding/driving a motor vehicle without consent.

The keys had been left in the cars by their owners and they’d been left unlocked in garages or the driveway in all three thefts.

“Often vehicle theft is an opportunistic crime where criminals are looking for an easy target. Drivers should always remove their keys, lock doors and boots, and close garage doors and gates whenever possible to secure their car,” Superintendent South Stephen Turnbull said.

If your car is stolen, report it to police with the following details: registration number, make, model, colour, distinguishing features, as well as time and place of the offence.

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