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Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a Maccas hash brown.

Well, fans of the deep fried potato goodness might not be so pleased with the latest news.

The price of a hash brown has risen from $1.95 to $2.20.

25 cents might not seem like much – but the move has angered many customers who’ve expressed their outrage online.

“The price of potato has dropped 18.2% over the past 6 months and they're increasing the price by 12.8%? McDonalds stands to make Millions from this move. Hopefully they will find a way to pass some of the profit on to the consumer.” – Arnie

“Wow, so judging by all the comments on here dismissing this price rise as nothing...then it should be ok for the minimum wage to go up by $45 or 12.8%, whichever is highest.” – Brian

While others seem to think it’s a storm in a tea cup!

“Seriously it is 25cents. It's a hash brown not medicine. Don't like it try and make your own has brown as good as Maccas for 1.95. 1st world problem.” – Chris

“For god sack with all that's going on in the world its 25 cents. Who cares!” - Stuart

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