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Image Credit - @ACTParks/Facebook

There’s nothing more frightening then going on a leisurely walk or bike ride around Canberra, then all of a sudden, BAM!

One of those vicious magpies dashes right past your face at full speed or takes out a chunk of your hair!

It may only be the fifth day of Spring, but the maggies are well and truly out and about around the nation’s capital.

According to the Magpie Alert website, there’s been around 85 reported recent attacks in Canberra.

While some are just harmless swooping incidents, others involve direct contact.

It’s prompted ACT Parks and Conservation to release this video with tips on how to handle the swooping season..

Tips include: wear a hat/glasses/helmet, walk your bike, don’t run, take an umbrella with you, keep your dog on a leash and take a different route.

If you’re brave enough, stare one down as you move through!

Apparently, magpies are less likely to swoop if you’re keeping a close eye on them.

To help protect others, you can also “dob in a magpie” at the Magpie Alert website and keep track of where recent attacks have taken place.

Have you been swooped recently? What are your magpie protection tips? And where are Canberra’s swooping hot spots?

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