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Image Credit - @VJBritemanLive/Twitter

It’s an outdated concept that’s still alive and well in some households – there’s a mess, the woman cleans it up.

A South African musician has copped major criticism online after taking the archaic practice to the next level.

Known as “The Liveman” on Twitter, he posted about giving his girlfriend the “ultimate test” to see if she was wife material, and boy, did it backfire!

He left his kitchen in a mess with dirty dishes and pizza boxes laying around to see if she would clean it, but she declined and apparently dumped him!

Predictably, it’s caused outrage on social media, with many describing his actions as incredibly sexist and out of line.

But the man at the centre of the drama has stood by his actions with similar re-tweets, adding fuel to the fire.

There were some funny unprompted callers on the Kristen & Wilko show this morning…

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