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The ACT Government’s copped criticism for it’s latest move to crack down on bikie gangs in the capital.

It’s as almost $1 million is coming online over two years for the Director of Public Prosecutions, to help tackle criminal gangs.

The money will go towards employing four extra staff to specialise in seizing criminal assets.

“The confiscation of criminal assets is a key way of breaking the foundation of organised crime. It’s about ensuring offenders won’t be able to benefit from their criminal activities,” ACT Attorney General, Gordon Ramsay, said.

“It’s a really important way of demonstrating that we are serious about this, knowing that we are, and making it very clear to organised crime that we are breaking the foundation of their work.”

It follows a series of bikie-related incidents in the territory, with shots fired into homes, some of which had children inside.

While the Canberra Liberals have welcomed the funding, Shadow Attorney General Jeremy Hanson said it’s not enough.

“So this is an area of our criminal justice system that is chronically under-resourced, and this announcement today, although welcome, is not going to fill that gap. It’s not going to meet the need that we have to make sure the DPP can do their job,” Mr Hanson said.

“The DPP has been calling for a broad allocation of staff, he needs staff that can prosecute across the spectrum, not just in one specific area which is about criminal assets.”

Mr Hanson said it’s further proof of the Government’s inability to properly crack down on bikie gangs.

“The Government is refusing to bring in adequate laws to deal with bikies. We don’t have the laws and equally we don’t have the resources on the ground. We’re short of police and we know that the DPP is short of staff as well,” he said.

“This is a stop gap measure from the Government to essentially put a bandaid on one area, when what you have is chronic under-funding across the board for the DPP.”

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