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If you’ve got one of those credit card knives handy – make sure you get rid of it!

Police are reminding Canberrans about recent legislation changes that added several items to the banned list, under the Prohibited Weapons Act 1996.

While most of the newly-banned items are specialised guns and accessories, also on the list are things that contain a hidden blade or spike – often referred to as credit card knives.

Owners of these items are urged to get rid of them before the ban kicks in on Wednesday March 28.

Those caught with one of the banned items after that date, risk a $75,000, five years jail-time, or both.

“Community safety is of the utmost importance, and devices with hidden blades are inherently very dangerous, due to their nature as concealed weapons,” Detective Superintendent Mick Calatzis said.

“These items have been on sale legally in many places for quite some time and may have been brought into the country as souvenirs, they are still dangerous.”

Those in possession of a credit card knife or similar weapon, is urged to destroy it or dispose of it safely.

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