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Image Credit - @BOM_ACT/Twitter

Getting to work was a bit tricky for many Canberrans this morning, as thick fog blanketed the city.

It caused major disruptions out at Canberra Airport, with flights delayed or diverted.

Graeme Britton from Weatherzone said it was caused by a cold front and a bit of rain last night.

“A few millimetres have been deposited over the Canberra area. And then after the front pushed through, winds fell light and the skies cleared which allowed temperatures to drop,” he said.

“The moisture that was deposited by the cold front condensed into tiny water droplets which became thick enough to form fog this morning for the capital.”

Temperatures hovered at around four degrees before 9am, but it felt more like zero!

Mr Britton said it’s not unusual for this time of year.

“Fog this time of year is possible when winds fall light and temperatures drop, it can be expected at times.”

We didn’t cop it as bad as Brisbane though, with heavy fog widespread throughout Queensland’s south-east and inland parts of the state this morning.

It’s as winter is just around the corner, with a top of 14 degrees and an early frost expected on Friday the 1st of June in Canberra.

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