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Image Credit – AAP

One year on from the Dreamworld tragedy, the mother of the two Canberra victims has opened up about her grief.

Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi, along with Sydney woman Cindy Low, died on October 25 last year, when the Thunder River Rapids ride malfunctioned.

Kate and Luke’s mum, Kim Dorsett, wrote an emotional piece for the Courier Mail.

“Our year has been filled with tears, laughter and disbelief. At times, it has been difficult to face this tragedy and getting out of bed can be a major achievement,” she said.

“Their deaths have certainly left a hole in hundreds of lives, but none so much as mine, Kate’s girls and her loving partner.”

Ms Dorsett opened up further about her pain..

“Kate’s girls will never have those hugs and kisses from their mum that every child should have,” she said.

“A mother should never see her children buried, no matter what the circumstance.”

Despite the heartache, Ms Dorsett said Kate and Luke would want Dreamworld to stay open.

“They would never want people to miss out on the enjoyment and thrills of Dreamworld and the theme parks because of this accident.”

Ms Dorsett also thanked Queenslanders for their generosity and kindness.

“To the first responders who so lovingly cared for these three beautiful souls and showered the family with love and affection, my thanks would not be enough.”

The tragic deaths prompted the Queensland Government to introduce new laws to create the new offence of “industrial manslaughter.”

It’s understood a Workplace report into the disaster has been completed but not publicly released, with an inquest is yet to be held. 

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