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Image Credit – Dean Drobot/123rf.com

Have you hit afternoon Valentine’s Day panic.. thinking.. uh oh.. WHAT do I get for my partner??

Often it can be sparked by that awkward text you get from your special someone along the lines of “can’t wait to give you your Valentine’s pressie tonight babe!” Or, you finally get around to checking your Facebook newsfeed which is flooded with lovey dovey posts, and you just plain forgot!

Then, the panic sets in.

BUT never fear Canberra – we’ve got you sorted with a list of the Top Ten last minute Valentine’s gifts! Ones which won’t send you broke!

10 – DIY vouchers

This is super easy and your partner will appreciate your creativity! Use Microsoft Word and take advantage of the office printer to make some vouchers you can staple together into a book, with places you want to take your partner for special dates. Examples could include a movie night at your local cinema or a picnic at one of Canberra’s many romantical locations!

9 -  Lights from Bunnings

This one is probably targeted a bit more towards the ladies. All the Canberra Bunnings stores are open till 9pm tonight – so you could swing past after work – and pick up some fairy lights! Then string them around and set up a magical room to sit down with lots of cushions and blankets with your partner’s favourite take-away!

8 – Personalised photo frame

Dash to the closest $2 shop after work to pick up a photo frame, and write or print out a personalised message for your partner to put inside! This can work for ladies AND gents.. and your partner will appreciate the personal touch!


Image Credit – Aleksandr Khakimullin/123rf.com

7 – Night hike or stroll

Canberra has DOZENS of awesome places to go for a hike or stroll. Why not take your partner for a hike up Mt Ainslie and enjoy the view together, or for something that requires a little less energy, you can take them for a romantic stroll along the Kingston Foreshore, or around one of the lakes. Easy, cheap, and a great way to re-connect and enjoy some special one-on-one time. You could even pack some of your partner’s favourite treats and maybe a bottle of bubbly?

6 – Buy their favourite movie on DVD (or any sort-of rom com is likely to score brownie points)

Pop into Kmart or JB Hi-Fi after work to pick up your partner’s favourite film on DVD to watch together! In the likely case they already have that movie at home, any sort of chick flick is likely to be a winner with the ladies! Or, perhaps an action flick for the fellas? Step it up a notch by cooking them their favourite meal you can eat while watching the film.

5 – Kmart

Need I say more? Most local Kmart stores are open till midnight or 24 hours.. the perfect place to grab a last minute gift! They have everything – books, DVD’s, cards, home décor, clothes, sports gear and all sorts of knick knacks! Grab a nice bag and card while you’re there, and done! You may even fool your partner into believing you bought their gift WEEKS ago. In this case.. just smile, nod your head and stay silent, ha!

4 – Picnic

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Canberra’s got plenty of spots to choose from like the Mount Stromlo Observatory site, one of our many lakes, the Cotter, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and Gibralter Falls, just to name a few! Head to your local supermarket to pick up some cheese, crackers, wine, strawberries and chocolate.. and you’ll get all the V-Day praise!


Image Credit – Wavebreak Media Ltd/123rf.com

3 – Go to the cinema

There’s plenty of good flicks on at Canberra cinemas at the moment, like 50 Shades Darker, La La Land, Lion and more! You can share a large popcorn (okay – extra large) and a slushie, snuggle up and enjoy a good movie. Book tickets online ahead of time – and choose a film you know your partner will like. They’ll appreciate the initiative! And if it’s a film you’re not a fan of.. perhaps leave the annoying commentary out this time.. it is Valentine’s Day after all!

2 – Hamper of favourite snacks

This one is super easy, and gives you the chance to get creative and personal. Head to your local supermarket to pick up a bunch of your partner’s favourite snacks. It might be caramello koalas.. smoked cheddar cheese.. prosciutto.. raspberries.. whatever! Buy a box.. fill it up with snacks.. wrap some cellophane around it.. done!

1 – Homemade bouquets

This one also has that personal touch your partner will love. You can duck to the shops and buy your partner’s favourite lollies or chocolates for example.. stick some skewers in them.. arrange them in a box.. and there you have a personalised bouquet! These are all the rage these days!



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