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Image Credit - @loveforannabelle/Facebook

Annabelle Potts and her family have overcome many obstacles in the past 17 months.

When given bad news and told to go home and ‘make memories’ – they’ve pushed ahead to find another way to keep going.

The Potts family have jumped on board with a new campaign that’s going gangbusters in America – in the hope it’ll go viral here in Australia!

Similar to the ice bucket challenge that went viral a few years ago, a new challenge created by Aubreigh’s Army in the US, has been doing the rounds to raise awareness for DIPG (the cancer Annabelle has).

The ‘Lemon Face Challenge’ is simple (and sour) – record yourself eating a lemon wedge, share the video on social media and nominate some friends to do it.

Annabelle’s mum Kathie said it’s a fun way to raise awareness of a devastating disease.

“If we can make this go viral in Australia, we could get a treatment for Annabelle and other little kids with DIPG. Brain cancer and DIPG need more awareness to get more funding,” she said.

“Annabelle is already exceeding the doctor’s expectations, but we can’t continue to go to Mexico forever. We need something in Australia. Awareness = funding = research = a cure.”

The idea’s starting to gain traction around the country, even locally!

“Every time I see someone’s video doing the lemon face challenge, it fills me with joy and gives me hope,” Kathie said.

“It also brings a huge smile to Annabelle’s face when I show her the videos!”

While Annabelle is happy being back at preschool and being a big sister to William and Juliette, she still gets very tired, limps and slurs her speech.

“We are frustrated that the doctors in Sydney are still unable to give a clear interpretation of her most recent MRI, so we have sourced a team at the Royal Brisbane Hospital who can do a detailed PET scan,” Kathie said.

“This is very new technology with brain tumours and Annabelle will be the first child with DIPG to have this done. We hope it gives more clarity and helps us decide our next steps.”

The family was recently told by doctors overseas that Annabelle is NED (no evidence of disease), and they hope to have that verified by the doctors in Brisbane.

In the meantime, they’re busy preparing for Annabelle’s 5th birthday!

“A day we were told we would never get, and likely wouldn’t have, without the support of the community,” Kathie said.

You can show your support by taking part in the Lemon Face Challenge! Use the hash tags #LemonFaceChallenge and #LoveforAnnabelle!

You can also help by donating to the GoFundMe page or via PayPal.

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