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New food craze coming to Canberra

A new food is about to sweep Canberra by storm, have you ever imagined combining a kebab with chocolate? Well you don't have to imagine anymore!

Chocobab the food baby created by techfoods is coming to Canberra, but what exactly is a Chocobab?

"There is a glass display case that keeps 10kg of delicious chocolate "maxicremino" rotating at exactly the right temperature, so it can be cut into exquisite flakes with a special knife. And a twin, 25cm diameter hot plate delicately bakes the instant, fluid mixture so it is ready-to-use in just a few seconds.

"The chocolate "cremino" kebab shaped is cut into thin truffle-like flakes and then packed into the soft, warm sweetness of a Chocopita shell, made from an exclusive recipe and over twenty years’ experience of preparing quality confectionery mixes of Techfood," Chocobab says.

If that doesn’t tempt you, they also specialise in donuts, crepes, waffles, churros and gelato.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! According to their facebook page they open in Canberra in two weeks, so keep your eyes out.

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