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Image Credit - @loveforannabelle/Facebook

It’s been a difficult 2017 for Annabelle Potts and her family – to say the least.

In the space of just six months, the family’s been dealing with a brain cancer diagnosis, radiation interstate, loads of medical tests and appointments, acceptance into a UK clinical trial followed by a knockback – the list goes on.

But, things are starting to look up for Canberra’s three-year-old princess.


Image Credit - @loveforannabelle/Facebook

Annabelle’s parents Kathie and Adam have made the tough decision to take Annabelle overseas for intra-arterial chemotherapy treatment combined with Immunotherapy in Mexico.

They’ll be leaving on the 12th of June, two days after Annabelle’s 4th birthday.

The family is feeling positive, as many children with DIPG who’ve had the treatment are seeing amazing results and tumour shrinkage.

Kathie and Adam are confident this treatment will also shrink Annabelle’s brain tumour, possibly even get rid of it.

The treatment, however, is very expensive – costing around $24,000 for each infusion.

At this stage, Annabelle will need one infusion every three weeks for an undefined period of time.

The Canberra community’s already shown such generous support and love towards the Potts family...

Let’s keep it going and help the family have the strongest chance possible to save their little girl!

You can donate to the family via PayPal or through the GoFundMe page.

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