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Culture Club 2017 Australian Tour

by Rebecca Adams, Image Credit - twitter.com, Cultureclub @realcultureclub

From shy school boy to star on The Voice, Hoseah Partsch has a bright future and will kick off his career by going on tour with the one and only Culture Club.

While many 18-year-olds are sitting at home playing video games, Hoseah is just casually going on tour with one of the world’s most iconic bands... no biggie!

But it doesn't happen overnight. Hoseah auditioned for The Voice behind his mother’s back and sorry mum, but I am glad he did as he came second!

If you have been glued to the TV screen watching The Voice like the rest of the country, you will be aware Hoseah was on Boy George’s team. Even though he didn’t win, Boy George believed in Hoseah so much, he asked him to join him on the Culture Club tour.

The news came to a shock for the 18-year-old, "I knew he was going on tour as he spoke about it on the show but I didn't expect for him to ask me, I was sitting in the car on the way to dinner and his manager called me and told me that he wanted me to join him on tour.”

You can expect some covers and originals by Hoseah when the tour gets underway in November, and of course, some iconic hits by Culture Club. And the question of the year, will there be a collaboration with Boy George and Hoseah? "I guess you will just have to wait and see,” Hoseah said. Well, wouldn't that be a sing off!

"In the meantime he (Boy George) just wants me to chill and to focus on school as he knows how much school is important to my mum.”  Well Hoseah, I think you will be the coolest kid at school...

The Culture Club will hit AIS Arena on Wednesday December 6.

The Kristen and Wilko show gave away the first tickets to the tour on Monday morning.

If you missed out don't worry, tickets are on sale now!


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