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Car slogans – we’ve all seen them. Some are gold, some are lame, while others are just downright hilarious!

Some are also offensive – and there’s new rules in the ACT for those.

Cars with offensive slogans de-registered in other states won’t be eligible for registration in the ACT.

Under new rules, the RTA can refuse the registration of a vehicle if it’s previously been cancelled and suspended in another jurisdiction, and the reason for doing so still exists.

This regulation would also apply to Wicked Campers (those colourful vans often plastered in slogans), after laws to cancel those registrations were passed in QLD this week.

“These vans and the offensive slogans they bear have no place on ACT roads,” Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury said.

The ACT Government has an arrangement with Queensland Transport and Main Roads to be notified when a car’s rego is cancelled there, because of offensive advertising.

“This arrangement will support efforts by jurisdictions where these vans operate to stop the use of offensive advertising,” Mr Rattenbury said.

The ACT Government’s also working with other states on a similar plan.

Currently, ACT regulations don’t prevent a new car displaying offensive slogans from being registered, with no-one yet having tried to register such a vehicle.

The Government will monitor the situation though, and consider changing the rules if needed.

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