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Image Credit – Elizabeth Swaney/Facebook

A US skier has caused a stir online – receiving both praise and criticism for her average performance in the women’s sky halfpipe final at the Winter Olympics.

Elizabeth Swaney finished last in the event, achieving a score of just 30 out of 100.

She seemed to cruise her way through with no tricks and nothing fancy..

Video Credit – Mattia M/YouTube

It got people talking – how did she even manage to end up there in the first place?

Swaney only started skiing when she was 25, and qualified to represent Hungary through her grandparents.

Due to the number of competitions she’d attended, Swaney managed to qualify for Pyeongchang!

Her lacklustre performance has divided social media into two groups – one describing her as a “hero” and the “best Olympian of all time”.

While those in the disgruntled camp have said labelled her a “cheat”, calling the whole thing a slap in the face to the Olympians who’ve worked their whole lives to compete.

Swaney’s all about setting goals which some may consider to be out-there, to say the least.

Nevertheless, she’s ticked many items off her bucket list, including running against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the race to be California governor!

And of course, her latest goal, to compete at an Olympics.

It got Kristen & Wilko talking about bucket lists, so they asked listeners “what’s the most outrageous thing on your bucket list”?

Chantelle from Yass called in…

What’s the most outrageous thing on your bucket list? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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