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Pauline Hanson isn’t a stranger to copping criticism for her strong views on controversial topics.

But what has she said this time that has sent tongues wagging?

Speaking during a Senate debate on schools funding, the One Nation leader suggested autistic children should be removed from mainstream classrooms to stop other kids being held back.

She said it was no good allowing these kids to feel good about themselves without considering the impact it is having on other children in the classroom.

The comments have copped a barrage of criticism – particularly from Labor MP Emma Husar, who’s 10-year-old son is autistic.

“I’m disappointed that in 2017 we’ve got people like Senator Hanson sitting over there in the Senate making ill-informed comments about kids that are autistic,” Ms Husar said.

“She owes an apology to every single autistic child in this country, every one of the parents who are like me – because we’ve got better things to do than defend our kids.”

Ms Husar continued to rip into Hanson..

“I’ve got one thing to say to every single child on the autism spectrum who is going into the classroom today … you matter,” she said.

“Even on the days that are hard, when you’re frustrated and your disability makes you angry you are still better than she is on her best day.”

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