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Image Credit – Brent Hofacker/123rfcom

It’s one of those contentious topics that divides the nation – pineapple on pizza.

While some can’t get enough, others are passionately against it.

Data from Menulog seems to have settled the great pizza debate, with pineapple one of the TOP THREE pizza choices alongside cheese and bacon in 2017!

While 8,360 pizzas ordered had pineapple removed, far more people decided to add it, with 203,753 choosing it as an extra topping!

In total, 825,000 pizzas came with pineapple on them!

Looks like the sweet addition is pretty popular after all.


Image Credit – Cathy Yeulet

In other interesting stats, Hawaiian was the second most popular choice of pizza behind margarita.

Aussies ordered a whopping 4 million pizzas last year alone!

That’s the equivalent to one pizza for every resident in Brisbane and Perth!

Victorians were the clear winners – accounting for just under half of the total number of national orders, with NSW in second place with 37% followed by South Australia with 7%.

What about pizza lovers in the capital?

Canberrans ordered 7.7km worth of pizzas through Menulog last year – that’s the equivalent to 7 trips across the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

That’s a lot of dough!

Where do you sit on the great pineapple on pizza debate? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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