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As the same-sex marriage debate continues, more Canberrans are reporting cases of discrimination and harassment.

According to the ACT Human Rights Commission, there has been an increase in people making complaints and asking about their rights.

 “Some of it unfortunately is about specific incidents that have occurred to people,” Commissioner Karen Toohey said.

“It’s certainly important for people to understand that these debates do have an impact on individuals and those individuals, particularly in the current environment, understand there is help available.”


Image Credit – adamgregor/123rf.com

It comes as the final weeks of the survey coincide with Mental Health Month.

The ACT Human Rights Commission and ACT Government are encouraging locals to connect with friends, family and colleagues who may be struggling.

“For many LGBTIQ families in our community, the public debate around the legitimacy of their relationships can be hurtful and distressing,” Mental Health Minister, Shane Rattenbury, said.

“We encourage all Canberrans to check in with your friends, colleagues and family members.”

Canberrans who may have witnessed or experienced discrimination and/or vilification are urged to contact the Human Rights Commission on 6207 222 or free call on 1800 822 272. 

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