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If you love dogs, having a good stretch and keeping warm in winter, there’s an event in Canberra just for you (and your pooch)!

Yoga Poses & Puppy Noses is a 45 minute yoga class led by a qualified instructor where puppies can run around freely while their four-legged humans stretch, bend and laugh their way through the class.

This concept of incorporating furry friends into yoga isn’t new. But there are a few things that make this particular event unique.

It’s inside in an enclosed space where the dogs can run freely and the Adopt Don’t Shop Foundation are the first organisation to offer it as a regular service.

Yoga Poses & Puppy Noses will take place every fortnight over the next few months, after the first session was a sell-out!

It also has that social element, with mimosas on offer at the end so participants can mingle!


Image Credit – Aleksandr Davydov/123rf.com

So, how did the idea come about?

Tatum Brown, who set up the Adopt Don’t Shop Foundation to help local rescue animal groups by hosting dog-related events, said they wanted to create a class that allowed people and their dogs to stay active, social and keep warm.

“People absolutely loved the first class with most having already repurchased tickets for our upcoming classes,” she said.

“The class is a really great balance of laughter, stretching and relaxation – something that is slightly different to the tradition of a yoga flow.”

Each class is limited to 15 people and the last event sold out within a week – so book your spot today!

Check out the Adopt Don’t Shop Foundation Facebook page for details and get your tickets online.

Tickets are now available for classes on July 22, August 5 and August 22.

While puppy participants are most welcome, you don’t have to own a dog to attend!

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