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Image Credit - @troyridgley/twitter.com

The NRL has sent a warning letter to Raiders winger Jordan Rapana after he flipped the double bird at match officials.

It’s after he was denied a try in the Raiders golden point loss to the Cowboys.

It’s understood Rapana wasn’t charged because there was a fair bit of distance between him and the refs, making it too hard to determine if the gesture was actually meant for them.

While Rapana left Townsville a free man, two of his teammates weren’t so lucky.

Joey Leilua copped a grade one contrary conduct charge and Clay Priest was nabbed for dangerous contact.

The Rapana incident got us thinking, is it still appropriate to flip the bird?


Kristen and Rod put the call out on Facebook this morning, attracting mixed responses.

“No. Referees should be respected. Regardless if they are right or wrong. Unfortunately too many people have no idea what respect is these days.” – Kevin

“Yes it’s completely ok in these circumstances. He only did what we all wanted to! Those refs were bloody blind! We made errors yes, but there was no consistency. The penalty count reflects this.” – Sarah

“I would have done the same but I’m not on a national level. I think they need to show respect! They are role models and need to act like it. I can understand why he did it but would this be okay for a child to do so in a weekend game?” – Nik

“Better than swearing in their face! Oh and maybe if some made better calls this sort of thing wouldn’t happen!? - Tianne

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