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Image Credit - @eWaspHotline/Facebook

The European Wasp hotline has been running hot this season, with a record number of nests found around the capital.

Nearly 800 were found with some containing over 10,000 wasps!

The largest was found in McKellar at a whopping 1.4 metres long and 80 centimetres high!

88 stinging incidents have been reported so far, which is also higher than usual.

They’ve been affecting mainly outdoor eating areas and outdoor restaurants so we’ve put a bit more effort into baiting,” Patrick Nolan from Transport Canberra and City Services said.

I think the biggest thing we need to do is educate the public that they’re out there and to be careful and report nests.”

So, what can we do?

Local residents and business owners are urged to carry out regular inspections of their property for possible wasp nests.

An important tip to remember, if you find one, don’t disturb it.

“Disturbing the nest will only aggravate the wasps and cause them to become aggressive in attempts to protect their nests, ultimately resulting in more stinging incidences,” CoreEnviro Solutions Senior Pest and Weed Officer, Jim Beriesheff, said.

When a nest is found, report it to the eWasp Hotline on 6258 5551 and call a pest control company to treat/destroy it.

To prevent wasps from building a nest, residents should pick up fallen fruit, not leave uneaten pet food outdoors, ensure bins have tight lids and cover compost bins.

For more information, visit the eWasp website!

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