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Image Credits – RSPCA ACT

A Higgins woman has copped a 5-year animal ban and 12-month good behaviour bond after her neglected dog was found with a chain embedded in its throat.

Inspectors were called to Hena Felila’s house in June last year, after concerns were raised for a large mixed breed dog that was tied to a tree with no shelter or water.

The dog, now named Khan, was surrendered and taken to the RSPCA – where vets uncovered a number of serious injuries.

Khan was underweight, fly bitten and had facial scabs and grazes.

The most concerning injury however, was a deep wound around his neck from being tied up inappropriately for too long.

The chain that was restraining Khan was almost fully embedded into the tissue.


“This case shows the horrible side effects when a dog is inappropriately tethered and neglected,” CEO Tammy Ven Dange said.

“We hope that others will avoid pet ownership if this is the way they choose to care for their pets.”

In good news though, Khan was adopted late last year.

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