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Image Credit – Anton Havelaar/123rf.com

It’s an issue that’s been debated and talked about for what feels like forever – marriage equality.

Well, today it’s crunch time for the Turnbull Government.

Liberal MP’s will attend a special party room meeting today, with five pushing for a free vote in Parliament.

Conservatives within the party are expected to instead push for a voluntary postal plebiscite.


Image Credit – Christopher Howey/123rf.com

Local gay activists have welcomed today’s meeting and are hoping for a positive outcome.

“We're closer than ever to achieving marriage equality and it's really fantastic the Coalition is taking this opportunity to have this conversation. It's been a long time coming,” Ivan Hinton Teoh from Just Equal said.

"I'm hoping that supporters within the Coalition are going to be bold and brave enough to be able to get that bill in Parliament and achieve the reform that so many Australians have been desperate for, for such a long time."

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