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Image Credit – Judith McArthur

If you’ve noticed a chill in the air in Canberra over the last couple of mornings, you’re not the only one!

The cool change even brought a dusting of snow to the Snowy Mountains!

Thredbo and Perisher got some of the white stuff too, after temperatures dipped below zero early Sunday morning.

“There was only a few flurries, nothing to get too excited about for those who were thinking about going skiing, it’s not going to stick around. But temperatures did drop below naught degrees in a few places,” Tom Hoff from Weatherzone said.

While it might feel strange given we’re in the middle of summer, apparently, it’s not that uncommon!

“In the last 8 years, in 7 of those years temperatures dropped below zero at Thredbo and 6 of the last 7 it’s dropped below zero during the summer at Perisher,” Mr Hoff said.

That cool relief from the recent scorchers won’t stick around though..

“We’ll see temperatures peaking on Friday at about 37 or 38 degrees. Generally sunny conditions through till then and on Saturday, we’ll see a few showers and increased cloud around associated with that trough,” Mr Hoff said.

Enjoy the cool change while it lasts Canberra!

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