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Image Credit – ctrphotos/123rf.com

Most of us have fond memories of spending hours playing on the Super Nintendo, many moons ago.

While you’d think the Super Nintendo is definitely past it’s use by date, it seems there’s still people who’s job it is to fix technical issues!

That is, of course, provided your machine is still running!

Nathan Tolbert’s machine still has some get up and go – and his tweets about trying to get it fixed got tongues wagging.

When Nathan’s ancient machine stopped working during a Street Fighter II tournament, he called the support number on the side to see if anyone would answer, and someone actually did!

It got Kristen and Wilko talking about old appliances and which ones have stood the test of time.

Wilko’s nan still has a Sunbeam egg beater that’s 36 years old!

They asked listeners “which old appliances are still kicking?”

Have a listen to the funny responses…

Which old appliances are still kicking in your house? Have your say at our Facebook page! 

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