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Image Credit - @elisejourno/Twitter

One man has been arrested as police removed Aboriginal activists from the former Lobby restaurant near Parliament House.

The activist who’d refused to leave told reporters as he was removed “my people, this is what happens to you when you defy white man’s law.”

The man was among five protestors who set up in the empty restaurant on Sunday in a bid to reclaim ownership of the land, which is actually controlled by the National Capital Authority.

It’s understood, the NCA alerted police after receiving an eviction notice of sorts from the protestors and a demand for $7 million in rent.

The activists were given permission by the owners to stay until a meeting on Wednesday.

But a resolution wasn’t reached at the meeting and the protestors were asked to leave.

When they refused, police stepped in to remove them, leading to the arrest.

A fence has since been put up around the building to stop activists from getting in. 

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