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Image Credit – Tamagotchi

Who can forget those plastic pocket-sized egg-shaped toys that created endless fun for ‘90s kids?

Well, Tamagotchi’s are back!

The original digital pets are being re-released in Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the toy.

But, never fear!

It’s understood they’ll be sold on Amazon Japan for a decent price – just make sure you translate the page to English when ordering!

Ahh so many fond memories of Tamagotchis..

For those who weren’t lucky enough to have their own, borrowing a friends Tamagotchi for the night was so super exciting! Now just to keep it alive.. so much pressure!

Some of those who did own one may not have got to play with it for too long, with teachers confiscating them left right and centre!

And there was nothing more disappointing then when the battery died and you didn’t want to buy new ones.

Either way, they provided endless hours of fun! And you knew you were cool if you had your very own digital pet (and managed to keep it alive!).

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