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by Katarina Slavich

There are a couple of new faces at the National Zoo and Aquarium, with two new Siamangs welcomed to their new home.

Cian and Tunku are part of the Gibbon family, and are known for their entertaining personalities.

They were brought here for a crucial breeding program after they were listed as endangered species.

Senior Wildlife Keeper at the zoo, Renee Osterloh said they were starting to get to know each other.

"He [Cian] was a little unsure of Tunku's flirtatious and female attention seeking behaviours at first, he really didn't know what to make of it," she said.

"She kept presenting herself to him and spinning around doing a few ballet moves, and at one stage he actually just kind of poked her, and she was a bit taken aback by his approach, he didn't know what to do."

Ms Osterloh also said you'll probably be able to hear them, before you see them at the zoo.

"They will be calling out, don't worry. They've got this amazing vocalisation, which can be heard up to three kilometres away," she said.

"Just keep an ear out next time you're at the zoo, and you'll be able to probably hear them calling and doing a duet as they start to bond together."

In captivity, Saimangs can live to around 40 years of age, so they're set to call Canberra home for a very long time.

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