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Image Credit - @VEGEMITE/Facebook

Sometimes it’s just not cool to mess with tradition.

But Vegemite has taken a punt and decided to put a spin on an Easter classic – creating Vegemite hot cross buns!

The company’s posted a recipe for cheesy Vegemite hot cross buns online, so there’s plenty of time to get baking ahead of Easter this weekend!

The popular spread is included in the dough and on top to make the cross shape.

While it’s likely to divide opinion, they do look pretty good…

It got Kristen & Wilko talking about unusual flavour combinations using Vegemite this morning.

While Kristen is far from impressed with the latest creation, she admitted to her own strange Vegemite concoction…

Would you eat Vegemite hot cross buns? And what do you like to pair Vegemite with? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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